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  • Do you also have vegetarian and vegan options?
    Yes! We provide vegetarian and vegan options as standard. The distribution of the dishes is done as follows: Spicy Salmon Bowl (fish) 40% Sesame Chicken Bowl (meat) 40% Fresh Avocado Bowl (veggie & vegan) 20% Do you want this differently? Which can! Please let us know in advance.
  • Can the bowls be composed according to your own choice?
    Our Poké Poké Bowls have a fixed composition that we are very proud of. Because that makes them just as tasty! If there are ingredients that you would rather not have, that is of course possible. We then switch these up by adding a little more of another ingredient.
  • Are Poké Poké Bowls gluten and lactose free?
    Some ingredients indeed contain gluten and/or lactose. We can easily omit these ingredients, making the bowls gluten and lactose free.
  • How many people do I need to order minimum catering for?
    We have various catering formulas and packages. It starts from 30 people. This page describes all formulas and packages with minimum quantities.
  • What do I need to provide at my event/at my home so that the food truck can be operational?
    A level pitch with a stable surface of at least 4m by 4m. A normal socket within 50m of the pitch. We bring our own extension cable. A tap with drinkable water within walking distance so that we can fill our water bottles.
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